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Infant Curriculum

Quality experiences in the early years promote a child’s long-term development. At Maris Kidz Infant Care in Singapore, we design our activities for infants and toddlers to be engaging, stimulating and nurturing.

Infants play, grow and learn!

We believe that investing in our children’s development from the earliest age is the single, most important contribution we will ever make. Here at Maris Kidz Infant Care in Singapore, your young one will be immersed in a nurturing & loving environment where our educarers will engage them in activities that stimulate their development.
Our philosophy

How we nurture
early learners

It’s never too early to start learning. Research has shown that exposure to quality experiences in the early years have a significant impact on a child’s long-term social and emotional development.

To ensure a nurturing and engaging learning environment, we developed a curriculum that provides fun learning opportunities and experiences for infants and toddlers to maximise the potential of their earliest years.

In small groups led by our super educarers in our infant care, we engage your child through sensory exercises and social, emotional and linguistic interactions, providing them the opportunity to stimulate their senses and build a strong foundation for their growth and development during the early years.

Our Framework

Core learning modules

To nurture all aspects of your child during the early years, our curriculum includes the following proprietary core and enrichment modules:
Early Language Development
Creative Development
Sensory Development
Motor Skills Development
Social & Emotional Development

Language is one of the most important tools for future success, and we're setting up our young ones with experience by providing them opportunities to use this tool in every form possible. Our literacy-focused curriculum will provide language experiences for your infant throughout all activities so that they become confident users of their native tongue!

Creative development starts with an understanding of music, dance and visual arts. Our educarers foster creativity and imagination in toddlers through fun, engaging activities like singing, reading and exposure to play experiences!
The infant's early experiences are vital to their healthy development. They learn by experiencing things through all five senses, which builds the networks that will support cognitive skills later on in life. Infants and toddlers spend time each day engaged with sensorial exercises like manipulating objects or touching different textures because this stimulates sensory input for them.
The environment in which our children are raised can have a big impact on how they develop. The repetitive actions involving trial-and error, experimentation and creativity taught in our daily curriculum will help your infant to strengthen his/her motor skills through playtime activities that are specifically designed for each individual child's needs.
We provide a safe social environment for our infants and toddlers to interact with others while developing their own personality traits. Our educarers are trained to understand and pick-up emotional cues from infants so that we are able to nurture and regulate their emotions, which will in turn establish healthy coping mechanisms for later life success.
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