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Childcare Curriculum

At Maris Kidz Child Care in Singapore, we aim to offer enriching preschool learning experiences through our I Can Do It! programme that has been developed over the years to maximize every child’s unique abilities and potential.
Our Belief

Every child can do it!

At Maris Kidz Child Care in Singapore, our preschool curriculum is uniquely designed and tailored to fit the learning and developmental needs of children age 2 to 6 years old. Whether its in our Nursery or Kindergarten classes, your child will be immersed in a rich bi-lingual learning environment where hands-on learning activities will ensure a strong foundation in key skill areas.
Our philosophy


How we cultivate
budding learners

At Maris Kidz, we believe that every child should be actively involved in the learning process as this empowers and helps them to develop their critical thinking skills.

Our I CAN DO IT! curriculum, that integrates the Montessori approach, focuses on improving children's confidence and mastery in all eight areas of Multiple Intelligence, namely - Word Smart, Number Smart, Body Smart, Art Smart, Self-Smart, People Smart, Music Smart and Nature Smart.

Through small class sizes led by our educators, we foster your child’s curiosity by encouraging him/her to think and ask questions. Our educators are also trained to observe the interests of the children and plan their lessons and activities accordingly, incorporating inclusiveness so as to provide a holistic learning experience.

Our Framework

Core learning modules

To nurture all aspects of your child during the early years, our curriculum includes the following proprietary core and enrichment modules:
Language & Literacy
Aesthetics &
Discovery of the World
Motor Skills Development
Social & Emotional
This module focuses on developing your child’s early literacy skills through fun and engaging classroom activities that will keep him/her excited about reading and writing.

Preschoolers in Playgroup and Nursery 1 will first learn fundamental literacy concepts such as listening and speaking before progressing to more advanced concepts like phonemic and phonological awareness in Nursery 2 and beyond. By the end of Kindergarten 2, your child should be able to listen, speak and communicate with others, read with understanding & enjoyment and write to communicate ideas and information.

This module aims to develop your child’s understanding for numeracy concepts and skills by providing meaningful opportunities that will teach them how to apply numeracy concepts in their daily experiences.

In Playgroup and Nursery 1, preschoolers are exposed to foundational concepts such as  simple relationships and patterns (e.g. matching, sorting & patterning) to build on their logical thinking capabilities. By the end of Kindergarten 2, your child should be to recognise and use numbers in daily experiences while recognizing basic shapes and simple spatial concepts.

The goal of this module is to help your child learn and develop an appreciation for art and music and movement.

In Playgroup and Nursery 1, your child will participate in fun and engaging activities that will encourage them to listen and respond through creative expression and movement. They will also learn the basic elements of art like shapes and colours. As they advance on to Kindergarten 2, your child will also learn to create art and music and movement using experimentation and imagination, while engaging in creative thinking and sharing their ideas and feelings about art and music and movement.

To develop your child’s sense of wonder and joy for discovery, this module provides ample learning opportunities that will inspire curiosity for the world they live in.

During the early years, preschools are engaged in fundamental sensory experiences that will stimulate their five senses like textures and scents. As they advance on till Kindergarten 2, your child will acquire inquiry and process skills like observation, prediction and investigative skills while learning to seek answers as they make sense of what they discover.

This module seeks to develop children’s motor skills and knowledge of health and safety through participation in physical activities. As they participate in these activities, they not only develop physical skills, but also grow in confidence and self-esteem to fulfill the demands in their later years.

In Playgroup and Nursery 1, your child will learn how to model and take instruction as they coordinate their body movements through walking, bending, throwing and catching activities. They are then gradually exposed to gross and fine motor tasks that teaches control coordination and balance. By the end of Kindergarten 2, your child will be able to develop healthy habits and safety awareness at home, in school and at public places.

This module seeks to develop your child’s social and emotional skills that will help them to develop a positive self-concept, how to manage their emotions and behaviours, which in turn will help them to build positive relationships with the people around them.

Social and emotional skills like self-awareness, social awareness and self-management are reiterated across all levels in our curriculum through everyday classroom activities and play experiences in the preschool. Preschoolers also learn about important values through regular story-telling sessions and interactive role play activities.
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