Wonderful’ and ‘Great’ are inadequate words to describe what we experienced at Maris Kidz. Our child went on from not knowing English to understanding and speaking English. We were amazed to know she was good at learning Mandarin as well. Though Kavya was always a well behaved child, we were amazed to see how much improved her temperament was since she started school. Thanks to the wonderful teachers, especially teacher Lian and Principal Mrs Lim for giving me valuable insights into children’s behavior and development.Thank you.

Ms Akila Manikandan, parent of Kavya (Nursery)

Annsh has been going to Maris Kidz since he was an infant. His learning curve so far has been commendable. Thanks to the tireless efforts of all the teachers who have guided him all this while. I am confident that with the hand in hand support with the teachers at school, Annsh will be prepared for his primary school. Apart from textual learnings, Annsh's exposure to other practical aspects is noteworthy, which have been acquired through the various extra-curriculum activities. Looking forward to be provided with more learning opportunities for Annsh! 

Ms Anamika Guha Jhakurta, parent of Annsh (Kindergarten Two)

Teachers from Maris Kidz have been very helpful and focused on my child’s progress. I’ve observed improvements in my child’s progress in terms of speech and letters recognition (includes reading abilities). Thank you Maris Kidz! Your dedicated guidance towards Jamie’s growth is very much appreciated.

Ms Jade Liu, parent of Jamie Li (Nursery)

Excellent curriculum.  Nicolle enjoys her lessons everyday. The excursions planned for the kids are interesting and enriching, and Nicolle enjoys every excursion very much. Thank you Maris Kidz for helping Nicolle. She loves all of you very much.

Ms Josephine Tan, parent of Nicolle Chang (Kindergarten Two)

I would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to all the staff, teachers and Principal of Maris Kidz for the great job in grooming my son, Oon Han throughout the 5 years of his preschool education.  Thank you for accepting him into the school.  Coaching, grooming and giving him a change to excel academically and socially even though he have minor developmental disorder symptoms.  Lastly we sincerely wish Maris Kidz may continue to grow.

Ms Jojo, parent of Oon Han (Kindergarten Two)

Thanks for taking care of our son (Sahasrad) and after joining here, his attitude and behaviour has improved alot. Nowadays he has started to interact with people, other children and have been sharing with them. His learning skills have day to day improvement.  Thank you!

Mr Mathesh Chenniveeran, parent of Sahasrad (Pre-Nursery)

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